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the peedie gallery shop

You can purchase Peedie Gallery merchandise from our CafePress.com online shop.
» Visit our store on CafePress...

The Peedie Gallery offers a range of merchandising via its CafePress.com online store, which has over 30 types of products - including clothing, housewares, postcards, mugs, badges and more.

The Peedie Gallery shop at

» Visit our store on CafePress...

the peedie gallery t-shirt at cafepress.comthe peedie gallery postcard at cafepress.comthe peedie gallery mug at cafepress.com
» www.cafepress.com/peedie


NEW: John Shapter @ CafePress.com
Buy special 'Coming of Age' merchandise to accompany John Shapter's exhibition at the Peedie Gallery.
» www.cafepress.com/john_shapter

coming of age merchandise


Soon we'll be offering limited editions of artists' multiples, books and prints - alongside special Peedie Gallery souvenirs and merchandise - for sale direct from our website - but for the time being please visit:
» www.cafepress.com/peedie

You can also subscribe to our free email newsletter for announcements about Peedie Gallery merchandise.

the peedie gallery
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