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coupling by Christil Trumpet | information
Monday 22nd May - Friday 21st July 2006

coupling' by christil trumpet

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Online documentation of the inaugural exhibition by Christil Trumpet at the Peedie Gallery.

'coupling' is for sale, at a price of £50 - excluding the box it is in. The price of the work including the box (the current Peedie Gallery) is £75*.

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» Exhibition catalogue (342Kb Adobe PDF)

» Exhibition invite (new window)

» 'Out of the Box' article (external)
The feature article, entitled 'Out of the Box', about the launch of the Peedie Gallery (written by Alistair Peebles), on the HI~Arts website.

» More information about Christil Trumpet...

» Visit the Christil Trumpet website...


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*If the Peedie Gallery is sold with the artwork, the box ceases to be the Peedie Gallery - just the container or packaging for the artwork. A new Peedie Gallery will then be developed (by acquiring another shoebox!)