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coming of age

Coming of Age by John Shapter
Saturday 29th July - Friday 29th September 2006
Exhibition preview: 11am Saturday 29th July

coming of age - an installation by john shapter
'Coming of Age' 2006
by John Shapter

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Online documentation of the exhibition 'Coming of Age' by John Shapter.

Coming of Age by John Shapter
'Three found objects are displayed in the Peedie Gallery. These have been discovered, as a group, on an Orkney shoreline. Historically, they have been attributed to a mysterious and mythical society, known as the `Bay People`, which flourished on the coast sometime in the past. A description and explanation of each artefact is included in the display.

'Coincidentally, the shape of each object forms a symbol, three of the twenty eight used in the language of the Bay-people. These symbols spell a word, the closest meaning of which is `coming of age` or `reaching maturity`. It is a matter of conjecture, whether these objects were placed in this pattern deliberately as part of a ritual.'

coming of age
Details from 'Coming of Age' 2006
by John Shapter

The Gallery will be changing location for this exhibition and will be sited within the Orkney Museum in Kirkwall - in the old water tank cupboard towards to the top of the large 1820 staircase.

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the water tank cupboard in the orkney museum
The cupboard towards the top of the staircase
Orkney Museum, Kirkwall

'Coming of Age' is for sale, at a price of £50 The price of the work including the current Peedie Gallery is £75*.

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» Exhibition catalogue (2,342Kb Adobe PDF)

» Exhibition poster (320Kb Adobe PDF)
JPG version (opens in new window)

» Information sheet (238Kb Adobe PDF)
Exhibition information to accompany 'Coming of Age'

» Notes by John Shapter (60Kb Adobe PDF)
Initial thoughts about the exhibition by the artist


coming of age merchandise

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Buy 'Coming of Age' merchandise from the John Shapter CafePress.com online store

» 'A Young Person' (67Kb Adobe PDF)
A supplemental work by John Shapter to his exhibition at the Peedie Gallery


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*If the Peedie Gallery is sold with the artwork, the box ceases to be the Peedie Gallery - just the container or packaging for the artwork. A new Peedie Gallery will then be developed (by acquiring another shoebox!)