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Terry Conway
Terry has a huge repertoire of English, Scottish and Irish traditional songs. He has also written some very popular songs himself, several of which have been sung by other artists. These include Pete Coe ("Harry Wharton") the House Band ("Walls of Troy") and the Keelers ("Working Man"). Artistes and bands are playing his songs in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.A.

His song "Ballad of Erwin Rommel", featured on Terry and Liz's CD "Premier", has been sung by Louis Killen in the United States; he tells us it was very well received.

Terry's song “Fareweel Regality” is one of two tracks sung by him on Kathryn Tickell’s album, The Northumberland Collection.

He also recorded for a Radio 3 programme on Border Ballads with Rae Fisher. He is an authority on Border Ballads, having delivered a lecture on the subject in Hexham and Newcastle.

In 2003 Terry recorded five tracks for the 20 CD series "the Northumbrian Anthology", including four of his own songs. These were "Hawkhope Hill", "Lizzy Storey", "Eastern Allen Runs" and "Fareweel Regality".

In 2004 Terry was commissioned to write a song to commemorate the Hexham Riot, in 1761. The song was sung in Hexham by a local choir as part of a day-long programme of activities, including a re-enactment and the unveiling of a plaque, marking the event.

He currently plays bookings with Liz and they will be promoting the new CD in the coming year.