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The Shoebox
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the peedie gallery manifesto

The Peedie Gallery has been developed to exhibit, commission (and sell) works of original, recent art by living contemporary artists - who are primarily based in Orkney and Shetland.

The Peedie Gallery aims to run 5-6 exhibitions a year (each running for approximately 2 months), consisting of primarily solo artist shows, which will be complimented by a bi-annual group exhibition. Plus, from time to time the gallery will host specially invited international artists and museum collection based exhibits.

The Peedie Gallery is:
A shoebox;
Tongue in cheek;
Low budget; and
A repository for creative thought.

The Peedie Gallery celebrates:
Art which is original, progressive, innovative, risky, challenging, engaging and intelligent;

and aims to promote:
Discussion, development and thinking about visual art, exhibitions and gallery spaces.


shoebox n.
1. An oblong box, usually made of cardboard, for holding a pair of shoes.
2. Something resembling or suggestive of such a box, as a plain, rectangular building or a cramped room or dwelling.

peedie adj.
Little, small.
(Used in orkney as a variation of 'peerie'. 'Peerie' is used in Shetland)

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