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fragment #4

Fragment #4 by Sol Lewitt
Unofficial & Unauthorised Sol Lewitt Exhibition
Saturday 22nd July 2006 - 9.30-10.30am
Location: Churchill Barrier #4, Orkney (multimap)

sol lewitt at the peedie gallery
Fragment #4
by Sol Lewitt

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Fragment #4 by Sol Lewitt
A tiny fragment of the cinderblock sculpture '123454321' by Sol Lewitt.

In 2001 a visit to the Sol Lewitt sculpture '123454321' (1993, cinderblock) at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, resulted in the safe keeping of a tiny cinderblock fragment of the sculpture which had come off the edge of the work and was lying on the ground.

This fragment is the basis of the unofficial and unauthorised Sol Lewitt exhibition at the Peedie Gallery - 'Fragment #4' - held in Orkney on the 22nd of July 2006.

For this special exhibition the Peedie Gallery was located for one hour at four different spots near the Churchill Barrier #4 in Orkney.

fragment #4 by sol lewitt

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'Fragment #4' is not for for sale.